Never seen a day light for quondam

impediment in abdicate quitdaim

auctioning what thinks best incessantly

believing it’s a good stomping realm

eatoboree and drinkoboree in deterioration with chum

struggling in all his days with felicity

is there another life better than? This in quandary

on that stunch day exert

in getting what to eatoboree and drinkoboree as customary

a step beyond his terrene, mistakenly


Alas! Sees the day light

back to his terrene and step out in plaudit

seeing same thing, no surrogates

moving around, the different is bright

on himself, passes arraignment


A step out of my zone is what I need these days

exhausting all these pasts in lapses

believing he has best domain ever in history

not knowing, it is the best in disguise

was that life or is this life? He grills


such is life, I parry

someone’s house is another person’s poultry

how much will it cost? He grum

the ransom has been likely

not there; here is the liberty


liberate the paid ransom

here I will stay till eternity

exultant in seeing the light

enjoying without no constrains

summoning his crony


freedom is premium!

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