Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% how you react to it


Hello out there,

Life comprises of two major things what happens to you and your reaction. You can choose what happens to you but sometimes you can’t decide, because some happenings are of nature, whether you like it or not it will surely come to pass. But you can decide you reactions toward these things. What I’m saying in essence is that sometimes you have 100 % control of your life and sometimes 90 % of it. How do you utilize this share you have?

Any time I read this quotes, I simply define life as reaction.

Yea, reaction, which means your action towards something, is what defines your life and not really that thing that happen to you. As humans we should expect a lot of things to happen in our life both good and bad but the Big question is how do we react to it? That is why we must be careful with our reaction any time any day, your reaction matters a lot even a little one because that is what defines our lives and not your current situation.

Your reaction is what makes your life and it will come back to you, good or bad, positive or negative. So my dear friend re think before you react.

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