What we think we become


That’s just it, simple and precise, you’re thought, and your belief is what defines you. Which means your attitude is the reflection of your thinking.

You think well, you become well, think bad you become bad

You think strong, and then you become strong, you think weak then you are weak

You think positive, you become positive, you think negative then you become negative. And so on

In order to achieve a positive thinking, then you’re thinking faculty must be high.

How do we achieve a positive thinking ability?

  • First, you read books that will help you in developing positive thinking not just books but Spiritual, motivational, Inspirational, success books that we help you.


  • Always have it at the back of your mind never to think negative, and sometimes in order to achieve that we need FAITH!
  • Never forget to use positive words any time you are talking, no matter the situation always try to use positive words constantly.
  • Understand the advantages of positive thinkers and compare it with that of negative thinkers. And see who tends to gain?
  • Identify your automatic negative thought. What do I mean by that? No matter how positive you’re there are some things that make you thinks negatively. Try to know that thought and then
  • Challenge your negative thought then replace it with positive thought.
  • When you try all these things and it’s not working, no matter how negative you’re there will always be one think that makes you happy, think about that thing or try to visit peaceful and beautiful places , take walk, and so on.
  • Never forget to surround yourself with positive people because they will surely influence you,
  • Always find something to laugh about

The question I will ask you is that what are you thinking?         PEACE!

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