You, Jesus and Religion

How are you doing dear reader?

Yes ooo its You and Religion with Jesus Christ, first I will like to start by saying you as a christian, Who is a Christian?

To me Christian simply means Christ like, those that act like Jesus Christ doing what what Christ can Do, Done and What he is going to do, though we cannot be perfect be we can be like Christ.

Lets leave the doctrine of Churches apart now even some  Churches  now have turned into commercial places where you do business and make transaction, Church itself has become a Market place, is that funny? no it not some even interprets the Bible up Side Down for there own pleasure.

I think is high time for us to faced the truth and follow the manual God has given us and also by like Jesus who has not come to abolish the Law but to fulfill it, so that we stop to live under the umbrella of RELIGION because when
RELIGION SAYS DO, JESUS WILL SAYS DO, WHEN RELIGION CALLS YOU SLAVE, JESUS CALLS YOU SON, WHEN RELIGION PUT YOU IN BONDAGE, JESUS SETS YOU FREE, RELIGION MAKES YOU BLIND , JESUS WILL ALWAYS MAKE YOU SEE. So check yourself, which one are you a religious fanatic or Christ like. Mediate on that and use the comment box below to continue the conversation. Bless us all.



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