Trust that can never fail

Trust is a word that people love to use a lot and enjoy getting it from people but most people lack this word TRUST, they found it difficult to be trusted, I’m not saying I’m a saint here, but we all want to earn trust and some of us lack the trust either indirectly or directly, voluntarily or not, we lack it in way.

Trust can be seen as reliance or dependence on something, allow me to say it’s simply faith because if we look at it critically they both work hand in hand.  Trust is a two side of a coin;

The first side is you to be trusted like people will say tested and trusted. Before you can be trusted you need to have some qualities and potentials that people will see in you, not even people alone this time around, God also, you need to show yourself to be approve. Several tests are in line for you before you can be trusted just as God tested Abraham to go and sacrifice Isaac in Gen 22:1, he passed the test and he was trusted to be the farther of nations, what about Joseph he was tested to fornicate with Potiphar’s wife in Gen. 39:7, he also passed and he was trusted with the whole land of Egypt (Gen 41:40), what can you say about the SMA (Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego) in Daniel 2, they were tested to commit idolatry, they passed and they were trusted by to the extent that the king make a decree to serve their God, not only that, they also gain promotion in the province of Babylon. Daniel 3:28-30. Let’s talk about Our Lord Jesus who was tested by the people and the devil but he passed and the salvation of men was put in his hands.

Now let’s talk about us, what is that test that we a passing through now, and we are thinking, yea this is the opportunity to explore forgetting that it is just a test which might result into a trust that might be a blessing unto us and other people. I beseech you not to take the advantage, choose between the good and the bad, wrong and right. All these can come into place by trusting yourself.

The second side is you trusting other people because if you can’t trust yourself you can’t trust anyone and that is difficult to achieve if you can’t trust yourself, I understand that people can be illusory sometimes but not all people. You may find it difficult to trust, I can help you with that by trusting God first before any other thing,  (Matthew 27:43) before you can trust in God you have to believe in him by accepting Jesus as you Lord and your Saviour. When you believe in him you have faith in him which is the trust you need. Immediately you believe in Jesus, have faith in him, you see that there will be this inner peace (Romans 5:1). The inner peace will make you trust yourself and other people.

You might have failed yourself; you might have failed other people but trust in God can never and will never fail. Shalom!

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