Delayed Gratification – Sam Adeyemi

Delayed gratification is a habit we must develop to becoming an excellent person because it improves the quality of our decisions and actions over time. We know these days we want it now! Yes, my food is taking too long, the delivery was 10 mins late , my phone isn’t charged yet even though you put it on the charger 10 mins ago, buy now pay later etc. All these pressure to get it now will not improve the quality of our lives. Eventually, we will pay for them somehow.

Excellent people practise delayed gratification because they have a long term view of life. Today isn’t the end for them, they look ahead to build a brighter future for themselves. Today, begin practising delayed gratification and a great place to start is with your finances. Don’t spend it all at once. It might be difficult but its a muscle we must develop for lasting success.



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