Pakistan Christians Beaten by Angry Islamic Extremist

Two Pakistani Christian Families Beaten By Furious Islamic Mob for 'Committing Blasphemy'

Two families from Arif Wla Tehsil district of Punjab province in a small Pakistani Christian community was attacked by Islamic mob for insulting a Muslim and committing blasphemy.

Report from a Britain-based charity says about 40 Muslim men attacked and forced these Christian Familiy to flee thier homes. The local mosque made an announcement through her loudspeakers of the Christians insulting their Prophet which leads into violent conforontation. Thereby making the Imams to order the Muslims to drive the Christians out of the town.

As a result, five Christian men have been arrested and are currently being detained by police.

“Local police from Arifwala police have confirmed that thus far no blasphemy charge has been made which is comforting for the Christian families,” BPCA field officer Mehwish Bhatti explained, according to the Christian Post. “However, we call on people to pray for this situation to improve as Christian families are not sending their children to school for fear that they will be kidnapped or attacked or worse still killed.”

In addition, Bhatti noted that many Muslim business owners have stopped selling goods to Christian families, causing many believers to go hungry. “Some families have expressed their desperate plea for help as they have had to go without food on some days,” she added. “Shukantilla [a 60-year-old mother] was upset because all the earning hands in her family are in police custody.”

How did the situation come about?

According to BPCA, the Muslim man, Syed Bashir, was asked to move away from one of the Christian families’ homes after becoming loud and belligerent while on the phone. It was at this point that the man threatened one of the family’s sons, Naveed Masih, before a confrontation eventually led to Bashir punching him in the eye.

After Masih defended himself, the family pulled him back into the house. Then, as he was leaving the scene, Bashir promised to retaliate at a later date.

This recounting of events seems to indicate that the Christian family was simply defending themselves on their own property. However, as is common in Muslim-majority Pakistan, it was the Jesus-followers who have been unfairly blamed for the altercation.

“This was a horrifying moment for my whole family and other Christians,” one of the family members, Shukantila Farzand, told BPCA of being confronted by the group. “In our panic, we started to get ourselves ready to flee our homes and get far away from the village, however, we were all too slow.”

She added: “The violent mob surrounded our home and all of them had weapons including guns — which were being shot in the air, sticks, axes, poles and farming tools. The mob began shouting outside our home, asking for our family to exit our home and receive divine retribution for our sin.”

The families were forced from their houses and have since sought refuge in the home of a moderate Muslim lawyer. They are safe, for now.


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