One of the Oldest Christian Churches of 4th century AD, uncover by Archaeologists

Source: @pcma_uw_cairo

A team of archaeologists from Kraków’s Museum of Archaeology in Polish lead by Dr. Krzysztof Babraj, were working on the ruins of an ancient Basilica where an older structure was discover. According to Ancient Origins, the structure likely to “offer new insights into the growth of early Christianity in Egypt and elsewhere in the Mediterranean.”

The lead researcher noted that they encountered the stunning sight when they were working underneath the floor of the ancient Basilica.

“Towards the end of the last research season under the basilica, we came across remains in the form of walls,” Babraj explained, according to the Express. “It turned out, they were the outer walls of an even older church.”

The church discovered is said to have been dated as far as 4th century Ad that was built in a shape of a cross; a common pattern used by Christian churches before with was destroyed by earthquake that devastated Marea in the 8th century AD which was replaced by additional place of worship.

Babraj added “It is, therefore, one of the oldest Christian temples found in Egyptian territories, today.”

The researchers continues to dig more about early Christian history in Egypt territory which will open more clearer timeline of the emergency of Christianity in this now Muslim-majority nation.

Egypt Pyramid

Babraj explained that “Our discovery is also important because we basically don’t know any remnants of churches from the neighbouring metropolis, Alexandria,”

“Now we know how they could look, which is why it is so important to continue our research that we have He added just begun in the old church.” He added.


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