How Densities of Human Body Prove God with Analysis from Doctor

(Image credit: Pure Flix Insider)

On an episode of, Dr. Tommy Mitchell shared some vital details that validate the existence of God through human body.

Mitchell who was theistic evolutionist turned to a young-Earth creationist who now speaks and writes for Christian ministry Answers in Genesis which most doctors don’t talk about.

Sharing his view, He said “Most of the doctors I worked with for years and years and years were atheists,” he said. “This whole issue of the complexity of the body just doesn’t really come up because you’re so busy taking care of grandma, you don’t sit back and go, ‘The heart or the kidney or whatever is so wonderful.’”

He however gives reason it cannot be as the result of accident from his own observation
“When you stop and really consider the complexities of the body — whether it’s the homeostatic mechanisms that allow the temperature to remain constant, or the acid-base levels to remain within very tight limits, or the way the kidney helps regulate the blood pressure and the fluid balance, or the blood-clotting proteins and they all have to be in exactly the same place at exactly the right concentrate or a small cut on your finger will cause you to bleed to death [it is compelling],” Mitchell said.

He added, “When you really stop and take one step back and consider how enormously complex the body is, there’s no possibility it could be an accident.
He “unlearned a lot of the things” is the change imbibed for his transformation from theistic evolution to young-Earth creationism.

Join through facebook at 7:30 on Thursday night for another episode on “Answering Atheists” series.

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