“I don’t hate Kirk Franklin; the Bible says open rebuke is better than secret love: Street preacher Meets Kirk Franklin over Disagreement.

Kirk Franklin finally met the street preacher who accused him of not using his platform to glorify God during his performance at the concluded BET Award.
The preacher who is known as Ty said the gospel music star is “selling his soul to the devil.”
“You’ve got a lot of blood on your hands, sir!” Ty said to Franklin through a bullhorn outside an event in Jacksonville, Florida.“You didn’t stand up at the BET Awards and say ‘hey guys, Jesus is coming back soon and the Bible says in the book of Revelation that the blood will be up to the horse’s bridle because of the blood of the sinners and no one’s warning people. The Bible says your prophets were false because they did not warn you of the sin that leads you to calamity,” the street preacher added.“You didn’t believe that I said Jesus is Lord at the BET awards?” Franklin responded, referencing his speech.“That’s not enough sir. The Bible says, ‘If I say to the wicked, you shall surely die and you don’t warn them, their blood is on your hands.’ You got a lot of people at the BET Awards, you’ve got a lot of blood on your hands, sir! You’ve got a lot of blood on your hands. That’s what I’m here to tell you,” he continued.The later met after Franklin offered a meeting with him, in order to further discuss his concerns with the singer’s choices. Which he accepted and later shared the video of the discussion to Youtube, disclosing towards the beginning that he did not go to Franklin’s event in Florida to meet him but to warn others from attending.“In the churches, we’re telling people that it’s OK, every person that I meet nowadays tells me that ‘God loves me, we’re all sinners,’” Ty said. “That’s the worst doctrine in America right now because the real doctrine of Jesus Christ is that 1 John 3:9 says he who is born of God does not sin for God’s seed remains in him and he cannot sin.”He added that “The problem that we have right now is that we’ve got a whole bunch of people thinking that they love God, thinking they know God and Paul said the antichrist doesn’t set up his kingdom until there’s a great fall in the way of the Church and I think that this thing is blinding a lot of eyes of the believers.”Aside of accusing Franklins of inadequate performance at the BET Awards, he said the Gospel act shouldn’t have attended the event in the first place.‘God This is Hard… I Weep as I Write’: Kirk Franklin Reacts to Stunning News About Biological Father He Grew Up ‘Hating’
“I don’t believe that God would have you stand in the presence of the wicked,” he contended. “I don’t think the Lord would have you sit at BET unless it was for such a time as this for you to raise up a standard and say repent, for the kingdom of Heaven is coming, we are in the last days.”Ty comparing Franklin with Kanye west in relation to the statement of Kanye during at a concert he sold his soul to the devil.“I’m really angry that different communities are controlled by different kinds of entertainment. The white community is controlled by the Taylor Swifts of this world and the African American community is controlled by the gospel artists that are fellowshipping with artists like Kanye West,” he said.Revealing his discussion on Youtube where he cut out Franklins responses and that of his ‘spiritual dad’ Tony Evans who was also part of the conversation through speakerphone, claiming that he didn’t have the permission to share their responses but however hinted that both of them disagreed with him.He furthered said that his mission is to warn Christians of the corruption the entertainment industry is bringing to Christianity.“I’m not a hater of Kirk Franklin, I actually loved his music back in the day but as I began reading my Bible and started to understand that the Bible says ‘what fellowship does light have in common with darkness’ I started to realize the fake for what it was. I started to realize that many other artists, not just Kirk but many other artists in the gospel, Christian rap and Christian music industry,” Ty said.He continued “I myself had to get rid of many of my own albums to this day of which I’m still trying to chase down the ability of them to get taken off of certain stores all over the world because I too was singing songs just like Kirk Franklin. ”“I was a pastor of a church, people loved me, I was loved by everybody and I sang songs, I made albums, people bought those albums. I was traveling to Florida. I was starting to become very well-known in the local industry here in Florida and I was up and coming,” he said.He continued by revealing that after he met the Lord in his living one day and realised had blood in his hands everything began to change.“I don’t hate Kirk Franklin, the Bible says open rebuke is better than secret love. If I hated Kirk Franklin I wouldn’t have come and given him the message. I wouldn’t have entertained him or even rebuked him. Jesus says the ones I love ‘I rebuke and chasten.’ It’s important that we know that when there’s love, brothers that love one another are OK with just saying hey, you need to get this right.”“I was not angry at Kirk. What I’m really angry with is how the BET Awards continues to push out the filth that they do over and over again, every single day, day in and day out,” he said.

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