Chinese Court Sentences Pastor to Prison for Humanitarian Services after two years of Detention

An appeal court in China has ruled that Pastor John Cao a North Carolina, US based pastor is to be jail for seven years in the Chinese prison.

The judgment came after four times postponement of the hearing and being behind the bars for two years, since March 2017.
The American Center for Law and Justice reports the Pu’er Intermediated Court announced on July 25th that it’s upholding a trial court’s conviction and seven year imprisonment of Pastor Cao.

He was arrested for humanitarian mission to the people of China and neighboring Burma (Myanmar), where he did a breaking of ground for the building of schools to the community.

According to American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), He was convicted and sentenced by a Chinese court without any evidence against him, despite the state of his ill health, in which he has lost 50 pounds , the court still went on to convict him after four times hearing.

According to the ACLJ, the postponement violated Cao’s right to due process, a fair trial and equal treatment under the law.
As CBN News reported, last March Cao was sentenced to seven years in prison for “organizing others to illegally cross the border”— a crime more commonly applied to human traffickers.

Cao and a fellow Christian teacher were arrested after coming back into China from neighboring Myanmar. They had been volunteering to teach at 16 schools in northern Myanmar which serve more than 2,000 students.

Cao had been ferrying back and forth across a river which divides the countries for more than three years without any problems from either government.
According to the ACLJ, while being held for a year following his arrest, Cao was sentenced to seven years in prison by a Chinese court, despite a lack of evidence. The prosecutor only submitted written witness testimonies, and the pastor was denied the opportunity to cross examine witnesses or to provide rebuttal evidence.

Despite the Chinese law requires appellate process of not longer than two (2) months, he was delayed of nine (9) months for an appeal.

No one can visit him except for his attorneys; he will be transferred from Menglian Detention to Center prison where the location is not yet disclosed.
During this difficult moment for Pastor Cao, family and friends requested you pray and support him.

Reverend Song Yongsheng the pastor of State-mandated church located in Henan province, China, threw himself off the rooftop after saying it was “a failure” trying to work with the government.

Christians in China has been facing several persecutions from Chinese government because of their faith which has led to the force registration of all churches to the Religious Affairs Bureau, making them agreeing to the terms of the communist government.

According to China Aid, Song was the chairman of Shangqiu’s Three-Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM) and the president of the city’s China Christian Council (CCC) — the official government organizations that regulate the state-approved collective of churches.

As reported by, In his suicide note, Pastor Song said he tried to convince the Chinese authorities to open up a way for the every church movement to in order to improve the wellbeing of churches, unregistered or not, and to bridge the divide between the two. This goal, he said, became impossible to achieve, with officials remaining committed to criminalizing Christians who refused to bow down to the government.

The constant control and oppression and lack of cooperation showed by the Communist regime had left him “exhausted,” Song wrote.
According to Asia News, all information surrounding the pastor’s untimely death was censored by the Chinese government. “The pastor’s funeral was controlled by government agents, who at the same time censored any reference to the man on social networks,” the report noted, adding that the minister’s body was immediately cremated after his death.

Knowing that they would be stripped of their true Christian identity, huge swathes of Christian churches rebelled against government control and have been forced “underground” as a result.

These illegal congregations face daily oppression and persecution for simply believing in Jesus. One such church in this situation is Early Rain Covenant in Chengdu, Sichuan.

Another Pastor is currently held without bail for diverse charges. Different even has been recorded Christians are facing consistent persecution from the government most especially through invading of Church activities, shutting down of churches and arrest and detain of members.

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