El Paso Shooting: ‘God Has a Purpose’, Victim Pastor Cling to Faith

Photo: cp24.com

The event that gunned about 22 people in Walmart, also affected a pastor who received the news that his 33 year old daughter was shot three times and swimming the pool of blood.

Michael Grady, pastor of Prince of Peace Christian Fellowship reached out to her mom, Jeneevelyn despite the shocking news, according to the Los Angeles Times.

He couldn’t move as fast as he want because of the heart surgery he underwent but finally joined Jeneverlyn who has reached the scene before he arrived.

During the short drive that felt like an eternity, Grady prayed. And he hasn’t stopped since.

“I was asking God to make sure Michelle isn’t in a lot of pain or was suffering,” he told the newspaper. “That we would get through to her and find her. That was my prayer.”

The moment Grady saw his daughter, he knew the situation was bad. He knew she wasn’t OK in that moment, “but I told her she was going to be OK.”

During an interview with NPR, Grady said he and his family have been praying “for divine intervention.” He explained Michelle was shot once in her hand and once in her back, while another bullet ricocheted through her pelvis.

“She’s just a beautiful, beautiful daughter,” he said. “We love her. And we’re praying, again, for divine intervention. And we’re mixing faith and medicine together so that, hopefully, she will be able to recover.”

She was rushed to University Medical Center of El Paso, in an ambulance where it was discovered that a bullet had entered their daughter’s right thigh and cracked her pelvis. Her middle finger had also been nearly blown off and her intestines were in a jumbled mess.

Michelle underwent one surgery immediately. She came through successfully. Doctors told Grady she would need another surgery, and possibly even more after that.

According to faithwire.com As they sat in the waiting room, Grady and his wife prayed — not asking for God to grant them a wish, but pleading for miraculous healing and divine understanding, regardless of the outcome.

“I wouldn’t try to make excuses for God,” Grady told the Times. “God has a purpose, even in this. And he stands with you, and the people of God stand with you to cover you with love and grace and walk with you on this journey. It says ‘walk through the valley of the shadow of death,’ not ‘stop in the valley of the shadow of death.’”

On Monday, Michelle’s breathing tube was removed. She couldn’t speak, but she did move her hands some. As she begins the long road of recovery, Grady said, “We will be here to try and dry the tears and let her know it will all be OK.”

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