Over 500 Christians Kidnapped in Two Years in Northern Nigeria  

Nigeria as a country has been facing security challenges especially in the northern part of the country rampage by the Boko Haram insurgency and recently the Fulani herdsmen.

This has sprouted several other criminal activities including robbing, kidnapping and killing of Christians among many others.

Over 500 Christians has been kidnapped and over 300 Million naira has been paid as ransom in the last two years as stated by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN.)

The State Chairman of CAN, Rev. Joseph Hayab, who spoke in Kaduna, noted that the church paid 20 million naira in one village for the freedom on kidnapped Christians. Which has made 10 villages to forcefully flee their homes to other part of the state they feel is secured.

“We have been computing the numbers of Christian population kidnapped in Kaduna State in the last two years, over 500 of them that we know — either in the villages or in town — have been kidnapped.

“The people have moved out of some settlements completely and we have closed down our churches because of the activities of the kidnappers”.

“We are still computing, but at the last count, the church has coughed out over N300m as ransom to kidnappers. In the case of the chief of Kajuru that was killed, it was N8m that the kidnappers took.

“There was a Reverend Father in Kachia, they took about N1.5m. They still killed him. In Dankande, Birnin-Gwari, they collected over N7m before they released those people to us”.

Recently a pastor of Living Faith Church was shot dead by gunmen while travelling on highway with his family. Read Story here

According to Open Doors USA’s 2019 World Watch List, Nigeria ranks as the 12th worst country in the world when it comes to christian persecution.

Last month, the international human rights organization Jubilee Campaign sent a report to the International Criminal Court contending that the standard for genocide has been reached when it comes to the violence facing Christians in the country.




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