Global Worship Leaders Call for Prayer For Hillsong Worship Leader in ICU

Chelsea Taylor, one of the worship leader of Hillsong who appeared to be unwell after leading worship on Sunday, before being rushed to hospital in critical condition for brain aneurysm.

Prayer has been issued globally by The international worship community for supernatural healing of the worship leader.

Matty Crocker, a member of the Hillsong United Posted on his Instagram page:

“I am actually speechless right now,”

“We were leading worship together yesterday morning and then we both walked off seperate sides of the stage. Halfway through the message I got a text saying you wouldn’t be up there with us when we go back up. I thought you had fainted and that was it. I only found out in the last few hours how serious it was…”

Crocker added: “If u read this at all, know that the Crocker’s are praying with and for you. Complete healing, complete peace, complete rest… that you would know and sense His presence like never before… “Be still, and know that I am God”…Psalm 46:10.”

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Also Jenny Johnson of Bethel also posted on her page “Please prayer now. Chelsea Taylor is in ICU and needs a Miracel”

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Another friend of Chelsea’s, Ben Lounsbury, posted on Instagram, detailing that the singer had suffered a “ruptured aneurysm,” and subsequently underwent a “9 hr brain surgery” to deal with the brain bleed.

“Today, an immeasurable incense of prayer has risen on her behalf, mine included, for her healing, and the glory of our Mighty God,” he added.

Hillsong’s lead Creative Pastor, Cass Langton, later posted some good news, noting that Chelsea had “pulled the life-support out last night” and was “talking and trying to get out of bed.”

Citing an update from Chelsea’s mom, Langton added:

“Honestly this is a miracle! The comment was said to me, the doctors aren’t saying anything! Praise our faithful God… She walked into church Sunday morning in her white sneakers! I am taking them into her room today as A declaration of Faith that she is going to walk out of this hospital 100% healed in Jesus mighty name.”

Speaking to Faithwire, Langton said that while Chelsea’s recovery was going exceptionally well so far, she was certainly not out of the woods just yet.

“She’s out of intensive care,” Langton noted. “They said if she recovered it would take three weeks… it’s been three days.”

“They are cautious of course,” the pastor added, noting that physicians will “want to watch her for a while as there’s a possibility for a second bleed.”

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“Thank you to everyone who took a moment and prayed- it clearly worked and our girl is on the mend!!” wrote another friend, Chelsea McQueen. “Please still continue to keep her in your prayers as she works towards full recovery!!”

We will keep you update with Chelsea’s situation. In the meantime, do pray!



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