India Pastor comes back to Life after been Beaten to Death by Radicals

A pastor from India was mercilessly beaten by radicals of Hindu called Naxalites, a Hindu communist insurgency group that wants to eradicate Christianity from India and a revolutionary rule in accordance with its Maoist ideals.

Many Christians have Faced same humiliation from radicals Hindu because of their choice of faith.

Not too longer before Pastor Tilak who is known for his staggeringly effective ministry was captured, he was asked according to Open Doors USA. “Will you leave your Christian faith or not?” they asked him, offering to cease the punishment if he renounced his faith in Jesus. “I cannot leave my faith … No,” Tilak boldly replied.
This response shows how determined and convinced he is about his faith.

He suffered cut on his body after he was tied on his arms and legs, beating him with a large stick and was forced to crawl up a mountain path, himself through stones and thorns.

After this heavy beaten, Pastor Tiklak lost his strength and eventually slumped to the ground lifeless with all indications of been dead.

As a result of this, the attackers were cheerful of their acts and tossed his body into a ditch, then invade other Christians homes to mock them of their pastor; “See, as your Jesus was beaten and killed, so have we killed your pastor now,” they snarled. “His body is in a ditch in the forest. Find him and bury him!”

With this sad news reaching the Christian families who are already shedding tears, quickly search for the pastor in the forest and found his body then brought it back to the village for a befitting burial.
Then the miracle began as large people gathered to pay the last respect for the faithful pastor, before Tiklak began to open his eyes.

According to Open Door USA:
“When his persecutors heard the news, they rushed to the house to see it for themselves. Hindu villagers, the same ones who had urged the Naxalites to silence this man, were shocked. They were the ones who had complained that he was polluting the minds of their neighbors with his gospel, confident that the Naxalites would make quick work of him.”

Unfazed by the whole ordeal, Pastor Tiklak continues to engage in his ministry, which resulted in him receiving further threats from the Hindu extremists. Eventually, Tiklak was dragged out into the forest and threatened to kill his entire family if he did not leave the area immediately.

“I left the village with my family at once, as I had suffered extreme torture a year ago. I didn’t want the same for my family,” Tiklak explained.

Finding refuge in another village, Tiklak and his family were taken in by a kind man who offered for them to stay in his small hut. It wasn’t much, but the family made it work. Still, Pastor Tiklak admitted that he was rather traumatized by his near-death experience, and was reluctant to share the gospel in the new town. “We are still in the process of healing,” he added, noting that he had attended a seminar on being prepared for incidents of persecution.

“I learned in the seminar that we should not be disappointed as we are never forsaken,” he said. “God always has a plan for us.”
Do pray for this faithful pastor and his family!

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