“No more surgeries”, Hillsong Worship Leader, Chelsea Taylor got Cleared from Surgeon

Hillsong worship leader, Chelsea Taylor was rushed to the hospital after leading a worship at Hillsong Church on Sunday morning.

It was reported that, she suffered brain aneurysm and need to undergo surgery. (Read story here)

One of her friends, Emma revealed on August 28 that Chelsea was having surgery “to take care of the potential vasospasm in her brain” which were causing a “left arm and facial droop.”

Screenshot (5)

After several prayers have been offered from different people, the Hillsong Creative pastor Cass Langton’s said on Insta stories that Taylor has responded well to surgery, and will not have to undergo any further treatment.

“No more surgeries, Chelsea got the all clear from the surgeon today,” the post read, appearing to relay a message from Taylor’s mom. “Praise our wonderful God.. we spend the morning worshipping before she went to theatre.”

Screenshot (6).png

The post added that Taylor is “so so grateful” for all the prayers and support and is keen to get back worshipping.

“She said to me this morning, mum, I can’t do this anymore and we just prayed and put Ben’s song on, “see a victory” and then started worshipping. Sooo precious,” the post read.

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