ROYAL LIPS – Only for Queens

-Modupe Fadairo

Sometime Last week, I went for a training with a friend where we learned how to create content designs. During the training we were given a quiz to to create a content for a product. So my team suggested fashion while I suggested we do a lipstick content design which we named our product Royal Lips.

Thinking on what the tagline of the product Would,we decided to explore the essence of a lipstick to a face and merging it to the meaning of Royal. So we came out with “Royal Lips…. Bring your king closer”. Now,this is where I am driving at….

Hey Woman, are your words prudent enough to get that king attracted to you?
Everyday,we have endless list of ladies that are gone past marriageble age but not yet married and put the blame on their village people (so they say) but unfortunately they are the masterpiece of their problem. I was opportuned to sit with a young lady who was saucy enough to admit her folly and was proud of it. Assume I was a man, I bet she would be a no go area for me.

Are your Lips Royal enough to get your King attracted to you. Kings don’t feed on spoils,they feed on edible foods- Modupe Fadairo

Are you edible enough for your King? It took the wise virgins wisdom to have an extra oil,where are your oil as a woman.

From the words of my coach, “ Concealer won’t hide a folly”. What other attractions do you have as a lady other than your physical pop up? Yes it is fine to have those physical pop up that will sway every man off their feet but do you have what it takes to keep him. Don’t forget that those physical pop don’t have a long life span,they fade away just like the first light of those ten virgins.

It is left to you to decide if you will get an extra oil to be at alert or you will wait to get an extra oil when everything is going down the drain.

House wife, How Royal are your Lips to keep your husband wanting a feel from it? Are you just an house wife or a Woman?
Let me burst your bubbles, being an housewife is different from being a Woman. “Every lady can be an house wife but not all can be a woman”

Are you just a wife to your husband or a Woman to your man? How well are you able to keep your home from a woman like Jezebel?

Do you go about gossiping and attending to irregular matters rather than looking for ways to keep the peace in your home?
A woman is an enhancer; How well do you enhance the ideas of your man and transform it to the picture he wants to achieve. Do you speak peace into your Man’s life or you curse him?

Well if you must know your success and that of your husband lies with you. Access yourself and check if you really fit in as that woman in Proverbs 31:10.

Without mincing words, some men are not dum neither are they naive, they know what is good for them. So it is better you set yourself on the right path. Find your essence as a woman and stop being a girl.
Yes I said a girl. How aged you are doesn’t qualify you as a woman,it is the quality of what you possess that makes you one.

Be a woman that creates,nurture an transforming the other way round. A Royal Lips appeal to a king. A Queen known for Royal ambience. Be a Queen and not a commoner.

Now, some of us posses a Royal Lips but it doesn’t attract the right King or doesn’t even attract a king to us. I understand how depressing it could be but don’t forget that there is a supreme being who is up there that has in His Hands the heart of your king,He has the power to turn it which ever way He wills just as the watercourses. Take a bold step to meet with Him today for a way out and I am 100% sure He will lead you.

God bless you.

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