Gospel Artist, Battistelli Francesca Praise God for Miraculous Healing

Battistelli Francesca a contemporary christian music artist praised God for what she called a miraculous healing during her pregnancy.

The Grammy Award-winning singer posted to her Instagram account how large the cyst on one of her ovaries was causing excruciating pain and complications at the early stage of her pregnancy.

In her post, 34 year old Battistelli, said the cyst was 10 centimeters – about the size of a small grapefruit or orange and the doctors said surgery was inevitable but she declared her faith that God was bigger.

In her post on Instagram, she said the cyst was noticed 10 weeks of her pregnancy when she woke up with an excruciating pain while her husband was out of town.

According to the post, she had to reach out to her midwife who asked her to watch out for a few things as report back . “ I then called my parents basically in tears from the pain in my lower abdomen. They came over and we waited it out for a couple of hours,but the pain got worse” she said.

According to Battistelli,an other call was out through to the midwife and she was sent to the emergency but on getting there the pain had disappeared. “ I was grateful but confused, I knew I had a cyst on my right ovary, but no one had been concerned about it till now” she said.

On we husband arrival, a surgery was suggested as the cyst was 10 centimetre large and it was not going to shrink on it’s own except a surgery was done. Battistelli had to seek her Dr friends for prayers and wisdom for the cyst to disappear.

“After praying it thought, we just didn’t have peace about doing the surgery now. We believed God could heal me! After a few days, my faith-filled hubby looked at me and said “your belly looks smaller” that cyst is shrinking. I smiled and prayed it was true” she continued.

After a week,the couple went to the hospital for the 20-week ultrasound and after the cyst was checked it was discovered to have disappeared.

On her Instagram page, Battistelli said “We believed God could heal me!” and said that she and her husband prayed relentlessly.
The technician confirmed to the couple that the cyst was gone and Battistelli wrote in her extended post they all rejoiced at the “BIGNESS of God.” Plus, she also had another announcement to make.

“We want the world to know that He still heals!!!, the singer wrote. “My faith has been so strengthened by this, and I pray yours is too. And if you’ve read this long, you deserve a prize, so here you go…we are having another BOY!!! Praise God for His goodness!”

The couple will welcome their fifth child later this year.

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