Students Sue City of Chicago over Prevention from Preaching the Gospel

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A Chicago Evangelism Team which consist of students under the office of Christian Outreach at Wheaton College, were allegedly ban from evangelizing at the downtown “Millennium Park.”

The four students were prevented by security personnel at the park over rules which they say restricted their ability to share the gospel in public parks.

These students are now fighting back by suing the city of Chicago for being constantly blocked from sharing the good news of Jesus.

As reported by Christian Headlines “We desire to exercise our constitutional right to free speech through sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” said student Matt Swart in a press release, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. “For the sake of every citizen who desires to make use of the rights our forefathers bled for, we pray that the City of Chicago amends their unconstitutional code.”

Religious freedom law firm Mauck & Baker, LLC, which is representing the students, has filed a motion in federal court requesting an injunction against the rules that restrict certain activities in Millennium Park.

“By its nature in history, public parks have always been completely open to speech activities,” associate attorney Sorin Leahu explained to the Christian Post.

One of the contested rules that city officials say is enforced to help keep the peace at the park is a prohibiting of any “disruptive conduct.”

“[A]ny conduct, even if not specifically noted in these rules, is prohibited in the park if it interferes with or disrupts another visitor’s peaceful enjoyment of performance or amenity in the Park,” the policy states.

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