-Opeyemi Durotoye

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In today’s world, the in-scripted figure note which is generally accepted as legal tender for transactions, and means of exchange is being accord much respect, even than the persons that do the printing and signed it. This is a system where moral decency is defined by the amount of money in your Bank. Every one believes that the only language which can convene your idea to be aloof of other competitions is when this legal note is involve. Having become wide trending language, and feather orientation that, “Olowo lo loro”(the rich have sayings), mind you the poor man’s tongue is not cut, neither was he shut not to say anything, but it’s sympathetic what the system have become and becoming.

Observing the manner by which an arrogant-rich man speak, it broke me. When the wise poor speak it is a NON IDEA TALK, even when he was proffering the solution. It has become, ” oro ologbon ti ko ni owo ninu, ile lo n gbe”( A wise word without money is put to stale). Hope I have not come to a fate World? Do I hear you say JESUS Loves the Poor, Yes.

The language everybody seem screaming is all about Money, being harnessed with other economy issues, but the real statement behind every utterances is money. Be it inflation, it is Money. Be it government failure, it is money. Be it Electricity, it is Money. Everything is paddle to Money. Ask the Richest man in your Village, It is all about this legal Note. Money, Money, Money, everywhere in the world. Don’t make the mistake of segregation, everything, everywhere, every Nation, it is all about money. It has become the talk of all Days. Why do I work? What am I working for? Where is my target? When will I achieve it? Everything is about money.

In religion circle, money seems to be more spiritual than anything the Pastor have to do on Pulpit, before God and after God. Before the Sheep and After the sheeps. Money is the wheel for the Gospel, this is true. We may not do anything without it, I remembered vividly when I served as Evangelism coordinator of student Fellowship, outreach seems to be difficult because of the fellowship do not have enough finance, and NOT GOD( a talk for another Sun).

The Gospel seems not moving because of legal tender, and NOT LOVE. This has become a god in the fellowship of God, no wonder the scripture says, ” The Love of money is the ROOT of all Evil,” NOT MONEY itself As EVIL. Pulpits watering with all issues surrounding money, where is Balm in Gilead? Do we serve a Poor GOD? When the principle of God is taught to the congregation, the principle of Man is used to achieve the Aim of the gathering/fellowship. Growing churches with “Mister Pastor” calculate the number of the congregation and approximate the day’s income. Do I ever say offerings and Tithes should NOT be paid? That is necessary, but NOT COMPULSORY. Can a man Rob God?

Brethren, information is a lasting commodity with worthy payment, Christ is a life giving man. Get something Doing, even if it is small. Do I heard someone saying some churches are business center, set up your own, runs it with your Brain.
You said they give recognition to rich fellows, and high tithers. The bible says, “the companion of fools shall perish, the companion of the Wise shall be wise” find a rich man to walk with. When I notice that in my home church, it is either you are a family member, or you comply with the minister, or you give as much as the Pastor wants, once you fall into any of these options you will be Pastor Favourite.

Dude, I step a feet forward to stretch myself to obey the voice I heard behind me, minding not the consequences. What do you think is the cause of Xenophobic attacks. The summary of it is Money. Let those Poor scavages, be highly paid against the payment to fight against foreigners in their country. You will never hear of anything call xenophobia. The simple summary to bribe is “Give what belong to Caesar to Caesar”. Nothing is of Caesar’s because the Kingdom is Christ’s, through the finished work of the cross.

What is Wisdom without money? Who is Wise without Legal note to write his statement? Write you Epistle on this Note, I confident that it shall be read by half of the World. Are you wise and Poor, is parallel to who are you? Poverty is not a good thing. Neither it is good to be Broken in financial Matters. How wonderful on Earth will you live the World without money?

Song of Solomon talk about the wise, but Poor for this reason their ideas was discarded, not regarded. Many times had I wept because I don’t have financial contributions to support idea, this were my “good” times, and they are part of my life.
There were meeting that seems you’re not needed because your appearance is not worthy standing the congregation, even if your are such filled with Esteem for your self, this system will regard nothing of you because you’re Poor. The fact that police is your friend is not the same faith when it comes to Money. That the constitution is above all in this country doesn’t mean money do not RE-WRITE it. Labour legally.

Poverty is NOT a Chance, but why should the wise seems to be financially poor. You say being poor doesn’t mean Money only. Hello, that is not the Language of an Average person. (Nah you know that one oooo), and if you’re not rich mentally, you wouldn’t be wise. Many Christian youth departed from their first faith, not because their Pastor is not Wise, but the man had not be speaking well financially. What is wisdom without money?

Many times have my wisdom be discarded, not by the people of the world but my Spiritual fellows who doubt it because NO LEGALITY INVOLVE. Money and Poverty, the talk of Everyone. The world had become scary for what is becoming, the advance for money. The Position of People for money.

Nothing had affected and so concern the world than money. Let it be, NO CHARGE FOR THE WISE WHO IS DOING ILLEGAL RUNS. Mine is Legal. YOU HAVE IT YOU’RE WISE, IF YOU
I am not going to be POOR, but I rather prefer obedience than Money. Money influence, it Buys Many things.

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