POEM: Not Until I Realized

When things go haywire
I strategically re-wire
Normalcy can be admire
For me to attract glorifier

My ways seems light
My timing seems right
My look seems bright
My opinion seems first

Turing crack wall
Into colourful pattern mall
Crisis into rises raw
Shame into fame hall

Oh it’s a job well done
Oh my my I did it! Atone
Excellence of the highest tone
Extraordinary outcome

Happy I become
Boastful I become
Restful I become
Expecting next to come

Not until I realised
My bump hoooooozed
On my way to cruise
On lake woods

Not until I realised
It wasn’t me, very low
I was just an executor mellow
A privilege engraced fellow

Not unit I realised
The real doer is up there
Deem fit for the glory
Who deserves the honour

Not until I realised
He made everything beautiful
He made it so so perfect
So that I can be perfect

Now I realised
Never to communize…
Now I realised
The real truth!

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