Made Perfect for the Moulder’s Taste

More than a thousand times have I come across the statement “I am not perfect” which I have also been a victim.
On several occasions have I had argument about not being perfect with people. A day came while I was having my moments, I heard a voice which said You can’t be perfect before Men but you can only be perfect before God. And that was it.

Have you ever reasoned why so many people would prefer a brand of phone to another yet they won’t even be satisfied because their wish was that the phone has all the features they want. Having searched through the reason for their unsatisfaction.

I must say it is because the phone hasn’t got well to their taste. On the part of the manufacturer it’s a wow,a done deal this because they got what they projected the phone would look like.

This is who we are in the hands of our Creator. No matter what we do or who we are to people, we are still made to feel that we are not perfect whereas the God who created us did it perfectly and even gave us the assurance of being beautiful and wonderfully made.

We can’t be like everybody,but we can only be the person God has purposed us to be if only we can walk before him.

He said into Abraham in Genesis 17:1 that “ “I am God Almighty; walk before me faithfully and be blameless(perfect) .”
You don’t have business with anybody,the only person you have business with is your Creator,the only One you will give account to after you exit the earth.

Therefore, live your life to please God and not men. You won’t give the account of your life to men but God. We find ourselves wallowing in confusion of pleasing mankind which is impossible to attain.

Trust me when God calls you perfect,Your scholarship on earth is 100% guaranteed. All you just need to do is live right,live the God’s lifestyle and be perfect before Him only.

Let Men talk,but do not be moved. Be moved by only what God says. Get the Module of your life from God so you can bring out the beauty of yourself,study the module and live the module and see what beautiful and happy living becomes of you.

Stay blessed.

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