Authorities Demolished Church Worth Millions  in china

In Henan Province, China, a church named True Jesus Church was completely destroyed to the ground without any trace of existence by replacing it with a new lawn.

The authorities first cut off the electrical supply of the church before entering the building where 200 believers were in attendance. Storming in with about 60 officials with the Religious Affairs Bureau.

According to Christian Post,  On June 22 the church was alleged of “illegal fundraising” and was, thus, an “illegal building,” the director of the Religious Affairs Bureau, who was in charge of the raid, ordered the person in charge to vacate the church. He informed congregants the church would be converted into a nursing home. However, the congregation refused to comply.

Over the following weeks, police continued to harass the church, frequently surveilling and recording services at the church from its entrance.

A month after police officers were ordered to drag believers out of the church, two elders were injured during the process with 1,000 personnel getting ready to forcibly demolish the church.

After a thorough search although the church then eight excavators began demolishing the church. The is church worth about 10 million RMB an estimation of about $1,400,000.

Despite this, eight church leaders and 13 members were arrested and accused of committing “unlawful detention”

Christian Post  reports that a church co-worker compared the incident to the events during the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre. “The CCP framed university students for rioting and used tanks to crush many of them to death. The Communist Party will resort to any means possible to achieve its goals,” the believer commented.

For the past 20 years, China has been labeled by the U.S. State Department as a “country of particular concern” for religious freedom violations. Under President Xi Jinping, the government has destroyed numerous churches and removed their steeples and crosses, reflecting the Communist Party’s concerns about the growing number of Christians in the country.





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