Florida to Passes Bill on Making Bible Class Part of the Curriculum

Florida has proposed new bill to introduce Bible classes across the state under House Bill 341, where student will be offer course as part of the curriculum on both Old and New Testament.

From the  official introduction laid out at the start of the bill, the new provision would require “each school district to offer specified courses relating to religion, Hebrew Scriptures, & Bible to certain students as elective courses,” along with ensuring “such courses be included in Course Code Directory.”

The text declares that the bill, if successful, “shall take effect July 1, 2020.” The bill was firstly introduced by a Christian Evangelist of Jacksonville Democrat. Rep. Kim Daniels.

According to Florida Politics, courses mandated by the new bill include “A course on the Hebrew Scriptures and Old Testament,” and “a course on the Hebrew Scriptures, the Old Testament of the Bible, and the New Testament of the Bible.”

According to Faithwire, Daniels boasts a successful track record of getting religious provisions through the state legislature. The “Florida Student and School Personnel Religious Liberties Act,” passed in 2017, banning school districts “from discriminating against students, parents, & school personnel on basis of religious viewpoints or expression,” and requiring a school district “to adopt limited public forum policy & deliver a disclaimer at school events.”

It was recorded that she wan the frontier of HB 839 that requires school districts to display Florida’s motto “In God We Trust.” however, that Daniels’ previous attempt to introduce the classes, House Bill 195, died at the subcommittee stage in May of this year.

Although, Daniel may have pushed for the passage of the bill but can’t push for the interest o the student in classes.

I personally feel like a large majority of students wouldn’t care about the class,” one student told NBC 2. Another raised concerns over the separation of Church and State. “I ask them, are they going to teach the Torah, the Quran and all the other stuff, because separation of church and state,” she added.

But other youngsters appear to feel a little more positive about the prospect of Bible class.

“Don’t shut something out that you haven’t tried,” highschool student Caeley Wilson told the outlet. “It opens up friendships and opens up your mind pretty much.”


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