QUESTION OF THE DAY: How can I find Peace?

Part of finding perfect peace is through learning to enter into God’s rest. To learn more about God’s rest, here’s a great Bible study outline from Kenneth Copeland. This outline is a part of his personal study notes and it is included in both the Kenneth Copeland Reference Edition Bible and the Kenneth Copeland Personal Notes Edition New Testament.

Entering into God’s Rest

I.  Hebrews 1:3—Jesus sat down.

A. His work was finished.
1. John 17:4
2. John 19:30
3. Jesus perfectly pleased the Father!
B. He suffered everything that justice had ever demanded that humanity should suffer for its union with Satan in Adam.

II. Hebrews 4—We enter into His rest.

A. We must settle down in His finished work.
B. Must He continue to fight my battles for me?
C. Must He continue to be called upon to leave His rest to combat Satan and disease and poverty
over and over again?
D. 1 Corinthians 3:21-23
E. Jesus’ work has been fully accepted by God the Father; it does not have to be done again.
F. We rest in the confidence that He has done the work for us. We can rest knowing His Word will
never fail.

III. We must become God-inside minded.

A. We must stop the old way of thinking and become Word ruled.
B. The Holy Spirit has come to see to it that the rest is not disturbed (Ephesians 3:20).

Source: Kenneth Copeland Ministries



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