Tornado Wallop Texas Church but Cross still Standing

Tornado strikes ripped off a worship center on Sunday in North Dallas but the Cross inside the megachurch still remains standing despite the heavy strike.

The lead pastor of the megachurch, Shea Sumlin described the damage it caused as “catastrophic,” adding he is thankful the storm didn’t twist through the sanctuary during services just a few hours before.

There was one thing, though, that gave Sumlin comfort: the cross inside his church’s worship center was still standing.

“That cross is a beautiful reminder that the church is not a building,” Sumlin told Faithwire. “We are people who stand upon the rock of our confession that Jesus Christ is the Messiah who has come to save and redeem, and against which, not even the gates of hell will prevail.”

According to Faithwire,  the church’s statement on the damage echoed Sumlin’s own words, saying the congregation is “not without hope” after the tornado ravaged the church’s worship center.

Despite the incredible damage to the church’s buildings, the congregation said its primary focus is on caring for “the needs of our neighbors,” including Thomas Jefferson High School, Cary Middle School, Walnut Hill Elementary, Primera Iglesia Dallas, and the countless homes damaged in neighborhoods of Northwest Dallas.

So far, Northway is staying true to its promise.

Sumlin invited his Facebook followers to join the church in helping feed those in the community whose homes have been destroyed as a result of the tornado.

“Even though our building may be broken, our church is as whole and alive as we have ever been,” he said. “It’s also a great picture of Christ’s promised presence with His people in the midst of trial and suffering.”



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