QUESTION OF THE DAY: Should Supernatural Signs Guide me?

Events seemingly beyond natural explanation happen in all of our lives. But they are never God’s primary way of making His will known. He speaks through His Word and by His Spirit. That should always be the main focus of our attention.

As we grow in understanding of God’s Word, the Bible assures us that we can follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, who is our teacher and guide (John 14:26). When we seek His guidance we can be sure He will lead us into all truth.

Rest assured, God is not trying to hide His will from you. God desires that we know His will in every situation. You can always be sure that if God is trying to get a message across to you He will do so in a way you can understand.

If something happens that you don’t understand, you can boldly ask God for His wisdom about it. If wisdom concerning the situation is not immediately apparent, then just “leave it on the shelf”—wait for a while and focus on the clear Word of God that is found in the Bible. We can never go wrong with God’s Word!

Source: Kenneth Copeland Ministries 

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