He is Our Burnt Offering

Job was blessed to the extent that his children would be feasting everyday and it does not affects his wealth, in fact he was rich to the extent that each of his children have their own apartments by calculation that should be ten buildings. This shows how God blessed Job, just by fearing him.

Job does not bless his children physically; he also took care of them spiritually. So Job never allowed any physical blessing to affect the spiritual one. In fact, he uses the spiritual to nullify any wrong doings in the physical.

He knew that every day party organized by his children were mere of flesh, pleasure which might affect their spiritual life so he took time to sanctify them.

You see, when you fear God, to love and care for others will be easy. You exhibit the character of God when the need arises. What Job did for his children was exactly what God always do for his children, despite our day to day unrighteousness, he always welcome us back and sanctify us to be fit spiritually through His son Jesus Christ.

Now, Job even offered burnt offerings on behalf of his ten children who always have party every day. By our Calendar it shows he offered at least 300 sacrifices for his children in a month. That is, ten multiply by 30 days. And that is just for his children because the Bible did not tell us if he does for other people or not.

You see when you fear God; you can do anything just to please him. And the sacrifice was offered very early morning, that means he does not risk nor sleep off because destinies are attached to his life.
That is exactly what Jesus did, he is our own burnt offering, sent by the Father, to nullify every form of unrighteousness in order to be whole and fit in His presence. This burnt offering is always timely, it comes at the right time. Job can only offer sacrifice for what his children has done. But this burnt offering given to us by our Father is too potent enough to carter for the sin we have not yet committed.

But the burnt offering can only work for you if you are son of the father, the bible recorded that Job offered burnt offering on behalf of his ten sons. And it was record that those children do have party everyday and I’m sure they are not the only one in that party, their friends were also present, but Job only offered burnt offering on behalf of his Children.

Definitely, Jesus our own sacrifice can only work for you, until you accept him and acknowledge him in all your ways because, you will need the father of all to offer a burnt offering on your behalf but you can only become the child of the father until you accept Jesus. As it is written no one see the father except through the son, which is Jesus.

Never lose this great opportunity! You can do that here.

Bible References: Job 1: 4-5, John 6:44

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