Wycliffe Bible Translators Reveals 252 Million People Don’t Have Access to the Bible Across the Globe

Research shown one out of five people are yet to have full access to the Bible as revealed by Wycliffe Bible Translators, one of the leading Bible translators that tracks the progress of Bible translation across the world.

New Testament now has 1,548 translated languages while complete Bible is now available in about 698 languages across the world, as revealed by the organization.

“These are encouraging figures, and represent the tremendous work that translation teams are doing across the world,” said Wycliffe statistician Peter Brassington of the latest findings. “Changes year to year don’t always look dramatic on the surface, but Bible translation requires dedicated long-term effort, and the translations finished now often started many years ago. I joined Wycliffe in 1996: the number of languages in which there is a complete Bible has doubled in that time.”

Despite this, there are still over 250 million people in the world, without any means to read the Bible.

“According to the statistics, the number of active languages (including Sign Languages) in the world stands at 7,353,” Wycliffe explained. “Although there are 3,384 languages with some portions of the Bible, there are 3,969 (covering 252 million people) with not even a single verse.”

James Poole, the Executive Directed responded to this by saying that “there is still much work to do.”

“Nearly 1.5 billion people do not have the Bible in the language they understand best: that’s one in five of the world’s population,” he added. “That’s why Wycliffe continues to work with urgency to translate God’s word into all these languages.”


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