Pro – Basketball Star, Lamar Odom Gives His Life to Christ says “I’m doing the best I can in walking with the Lord”

One the most NBA successful star, Lamar Odom surrendered his life to Christ last Sunday at an Atlanta church.

Lamar suffered 12 strokes and six heart attacks; in October 2015 he was in deep coma and on life support at the hospital over cocaine addiction and horrific drug overdose.

The professional basketball player posted on Instagram “Nowadays I’m doing the best I can in walking with the Lord. Thanks to Pastor Vernon @drravernon, I got saved at @thewordchurch this weekend. I had to show Jesus my appreciation for keeping me alive!” Odom wrote on Instagram on Tuesday.

Standing next to him as he lifted his hands appreciating God, Sabrina Parr, his girlfriend who also commented under his post: “Nothing better than a man of God! Keeping pushing through life baby!! God willing I’ll be right here by your side!!!!”

His recovering process to be better has been huge pace from drug overdose to addiction to pornography. While speaking with TMZ cameraman at LAX airport in August Lamar said “I’m trying to be better.”

His girlfriend who accompanied him noted that he had a sex addiction, “You can’t watch porn if you’re a sex addict, or have a healthy life, or be with me,” she said.

Due to is survival earlier this year, Odom said his doctors call him a “walking miracle.”

My doctors say I’m a walking miracle; they’re amazed that I’m here. I always knew I had a strong will. I think my will is even stronger than I believed it was. It’s a testament that God is good. When I woke up and I couldn’t talk or walk I never thought I would be here.”


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