‘Jesus is King’: Spikes Faith-Based Google Search

The newly released album of Kanye West titled “Jesus Is King” which is an evidence of his conversion to Christianity has recently become one of the most searched words on google.

According to Bible Gateway, the album is full of Bible references  have spiked searches for Scriptures and phrases used in the song since the release in late October. Including increase in searches for the word “Jesus and “What do Christians believe” at the same time the album was trending on internet.

Though with mixed feeling s from different people, where some believe Kanye to be real while others did not. Regardless of this, the change of the rapper has attracted attention from every corner. Meanwhile American Bible Society is seizing this opportunity to send free copies of Bible to any curious American about the word of God, Christianity and faith based lyrics in the album.

John Plake, director of ministry intelligence for ABS, told Faithwire the goal of the initiative is to help people better understand the theology fueling what West himself has described as an “awakening.”

“When we see an influential cultural figure like Kanye inspire young people to curiously seek out answers to their faith questions,” he said. “We see an opportunity to step in and do what we do best as an organization, and that’s provide and point people to God’s Word.”

Faithwire  wrote that from God’s perspective, West is no different from your neighbor. To us, he’s a superstar celebrity, but to the Lord, he’s one more person made in in the image of God infused with innate value and worth. Everyone is on a faith journey of some sort, whether it ultimately moves toward or away from God.

West’s conversion could be what sparks some people to investigate the Bible. For others, it might be a neighbor, a friend, or a coworker. But for those intrigued by the 42-year-old entertainer’s new music, ABS is offering options.

Faithwire  continued that ABS set up a link — abs.bible/kanye — for anyone interested in receiving a copy of the Bible. All visitors have to do is fill out a form with their names, email addresses, and mailing addresses, and Bibles will be shipped to them.

The 203-year-old ministry is certainly meeting a need. According to its 2019 State of the Bible report, 63 percent of Americans are at least somewhat interested in learning more about what the Bible says. Similarly, 61 percent of adults want to know more about Jesus Christ. Of those who are not at all engaged with the Bible, 11 percent are “extremely curious” about the Bible and Jesus.

A spokesperson for the ministry told Faithwire that, since launching the initiative Wednesday, “several dozen requests” for Bibles have already been submitted.


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