Turkish Strike kills Christian Missionary in Syria

As reported by Faithwire, Founder of the Free Burma Rangers (FBR), Dave Eubank told Rojova Information Center that volunteer medic and camera person Zhao Sang has died today from Turkish shelling.

Right now, it hurts. But, with this pain, with this loss, we will keep shining a light, will keep sharing love, will keep helping as we can. All this, we want to do in honor of Zau and in memory.

Right after the October 9 Turkish invasion of Northeast Syria, Eubank’s team of combat medics, camera persons and humanitarian volunteers have worked on the front lines. At great risk to their own lives, they rescued the wounded, provided practical aid to those displaced by this war and comforted those in harm’s way.

Despite Sang’s death, Eubank’s vowed that their mission of mercy would remain: “We’ll stay here and keep speaking about this zone of invasion, this zone of death, that Turkey and their proxies, jihadists and others, have launched.”

For weeks, Eubank has been sounding the alarm that there has been no ceasefire and warned of jihadists who have been ethnically cleansing part of Northeast Syria.
He told CBN News one week ago, “There’s no ceasefire and I wish the world would finally admit it.”

CBN’s Chuck Holton spent time with Eubank and his FBR team earlier and filed these reports about the real situation on the front lines.
Sang’s death proves what Eubank has been saying for weeks that there is no cease-fire in this strategic part of Northeast Syria. Turkish led jihadist troops have now pushed their way just a few miles away from the strategic town of Tel Tamer, home to many Christians and other religious minorities.
Many have already fled, and it appears to be a deliberate strategy of ethnic cleansing by these jihadists. Earlier in the town of Ras al Ain, the jihadists told Christians they had orders not to kill them but they confiscated their land.

This strategy has been termed “soft ethnic cleansing” since when you have no land, you lose your livelihood and most simply leave.

Eubank and others have also called for the US to return to the area, stop this Turkish invasion and at the very least impose a no-fly zone.

Please pray for the family of Zhao Sang as well as Dave Eubank and the entire FBR team.

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