Many Turn to Christ after Watching ‘Overcomer’ Movie

The director of faith-based movie “Overcomer” has claimed that many people are giving their lives to Jesus straight after watching the inspiring film.

The movie made its debut release back in August and has since taken almost $40 million at the box office. But it is the stories of conversion that have captured the attention of director Alex Kendrick. One such screening, he said, resulted in some fifty people dedicating their lives to Jesus after a college coach took his team to watch the movie.

“After the movie was over, he stood up and he said: If you’ve watched this film and you are not sure where your identity is based – if you want to nail that down with the God that loves you – you’re welcome to come down here and pray with us,” Kendrick told Christian Headlines . “And over 50 people responded, and that was just one showing.”
Kendrick added that his production team had received “more reports than I can count of church groups inviting people and giving invitations at the end of the film, and individuals making decisions for Christ in the theater.”

The Kenrick Brothers have become well-known for their faith-based movie making, having produced various other titles such as “Fireproof,” “Facing the Giants,” “Flywheel” and “Courageous.”

Alex has talked at length about the power of faith in film, and told Faithwire previously that each project aims to elevate marriage as a blessing from God and a model of relational fulfillment.

“[God] uses marriage to sharpen us, to mold us, to make us more fruitful, to have families and grow them,” Alex Kendrick told Faithwire during the Dallas premiere of “Overcomer” back in August. “So if there is something we can do in our films to encourage marriages to pursue godliness, to pursue God’s definition of love and principles, we will do that.”

You can watch a trailer for the movie below:

Source: Faith Wire

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