SHILOH 2019 (Breaking Limits): Quotes from Day Two, Encounter Night – “Faith is a Profession not just a mere Confession or Doctrine”- Bishop David Oyedepo

Love is primarily a choice, but your choice may not be able to stand the test of time except that choice is empowered. Bishop David Oyedepo

Your quality of life will never exceed the quality of faith at work in your life. – Bishop David Oyedepo


I will rather die believeing God than live in doubt. -Bishop David Oyedepo


When faith is seated at the centre of your life, you are in command – Bishop David Oyedepo


Many are in need because they don’t know what they neeed. – Bishop David Oyedepo


Faith demands that: you discipline your thoughts, you discipline your words -Bishop David Oyedepo


Every contrary action cancels the effect of your faith. – Bishop David Oyedepo


No one can make the most of his walk with God without faith. -Bishop David Oyedepo


Faith is a profession, not just a mere confession or doctrine. – Bishop David Oyedepo


There is nothing called luck in the kingdom. We are all what we are by light. -Bishop David Oyedepo  


You cannot be a gaint of faith without being a life student of the word. -Bishop David Oyedepo


Source: @davidoyedepomin

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