American Pastor Detianed in India over His Christian Faith grasps 87, 000 Signed Petition

A petition has been signed by over 87,000 people for the release of a Pastor detained in India over his Christian faith.

The lead pastor of International House of Prayer Ministries located in Shelbyville was arrested in New Delhi over the funds he was traveling with. The Security agent interrogated him and he responded that the funds were meant to support trips of 13 ministers and also cover the expenses of a conference before we was been cleared to fly.

Pastor Brayan Narreen who also runs Asian Children’s Education Fellowship, a nonprofit organization for over 17 years where he trains Sunday School teacher was arrested again when he arrived Bagdogra over the violation of the Foreign Exchange Management Act because he didn’t complete a document to account for the funds. The ACLJ says officials in New Delhi did not provide Nerren with the necessary forms. He was detained for six days.

Nerren said in a statement posted on his church’s Facebook page on Oct. 13 “I was held in the Siliguri jail for six days until I was allowed to pay bail. I am currently out on bail and staying with our Nepali partners. I am praising God for the ability to be out of the jail, and the ability to communicate with my family, which I was not able to do for six days.”

According to Christian Post, the judge presiding over Nerren’s case has ordered a travel ban and retained his passport, the ACLJ reports. A hearing that was set for Oct. 22 never took place and the case has been pushed back until Dec. 12 with no guarantee that it will happen.

“Pastor Nerren complied with all requests from Indian officials in good faith. He followed all protocols he was given. He was cleared and freed to go by New Delhi Customs, yet he is essentially being held hostage in India for his Christian faith. He deserves to come home to America,” the ACLJ said.

“Pastor Nerren is trapped in India with no passport, making even the most mundane of tasks difficult. He cannot leave. He cannot come home to his wife, children, and young grandchildren who surely can’t comprehend what’s happening to their grandfather. He cannot care for his special needs daughter here in the United States who needs round-the-clock assistance, meaning his wife is left to take care of her alone, while also constantly worrying about her husband. His entire family is suffering from this injustice.”

In a statement by his wife, Rhonda, she urge Christians all around the globe to pray for the well being of her husband, “My husband has done nothing wrong. His only crime is living out his steadfast love for Jesus. He’s my best friend, and I need him home. My special needs daughter needs her daddy home. My son and his family want their dad and Grandpa ‘Popeye’ home.

Please pray for our family. Pray for the hearts of the officials who have the power to give him back his passport and let him come back to us. And pray for our legal team at the ACLJ as they work on our behalf to bring him home.”

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