POEM: Truth be told I

Everyone finds it irresistible listening to truth
But ready not to verbalize the truth
Lying life less in the abdomen
But couldn’t express in audacity
For there is no conviction
To justify the alteration of distrust

Truth be told,
Our society is becoming unconstructive
And everyone is undisturbed
As if nothing is happening
Abnormalities fast revolving normal
And everyone is playing along

Confused set of individuals
Set to convinced others truthful
And every one becomes convincible confused fellow
Unable to decipher off beam from accurate
Then we act as if nothing is at stake
Can we say the truth?

Truth be told!
What are we turning into?
Society of Sodom and Gomorrah?
No variance amid Jews and gentiles
A holy of unholy facet
If, so anticipate destruction.

You trust in vanity and speak lies
You conceive mischiefs
And bring forth iniquity
You work of iniquity
In act of violence
The truth is bleeding

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