Like this popular saying says if you think, you will know how to thank, you know why? Because the foundation of praise is gratitude.

Behind everything that is moving there is a force backing it up, so behind the breath you have been breathing from the beginning of this year up to this moment there is a force which is GOD.

Instead of appreciating God for the provision and protection of life, you are busy complaining for what you are yet to receive. Listen, if you don’t have breath, how will that thing be useful for you?

You need to know that the highest expression of faith is giving thanks because even though you are yet to receive, but you believe God will deliver it into your hands. God dwelt in the midst of praise. So you need to focus on the faithfulness of God and not what is happening around you.

Don’t be like those leapers who didn’t return to appreciate Jesus but rather be like that one because God himself is expecting your return appreciation and if you fail to do that, God will be disappointed and he will be restricted to do more.

That was why he asked that are they not ten of you that were cleansed? Luke 17: 12-18.
You see God is God of number. That why the scriptures says count your blessings
Therefore, you need to understand that there is difference between been healed and whole, you can be healed and not be whole, there no way you will be whole without been healed! Healing is miracle but wholeness is delivered on the platform of thanksgiving.

Till tomorrow the other nine leapers will still have the scares of leprosy but the remaining one that return with thanksgiving will never have.

Now, begin to look at what God has done for you since the beginning of this year, your health, finance, work, academic, family, for his divine provision, protection and many others. Give him all the praise, because he alone deserves it.

Even if you can’t be like David in praise, why not be like that one leaper that return?

Have a praise filled year ahead!

Jesus loves you, click here to claim it

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