John Piper Reveals ‘the Most Outrageous’ Statement of Jesus.

In a his 45-minute talk on why Christians need to desire for the name and fame of Jesus, John Piper who is an author and theologian said what he believes to be Jesus’ “most outrageous” statement at the 2020 Passion in Atlanta.

“Lord, we wait for you,” Piper preached. “We want You, we desire You. And the reason that I say You and not just Your name or Your fame is first because that’s what the text says — we wait eagerly for You — [and also] because that’s what the name means. Your name is Your being in the Bible.”

Using Exodus three where God described himself as “I am who I am,” it was as if the Lord was claiming, “My name is my being.”
“So when you desire the name, you desire the person,” he explained. “When you desire the renown, you desire the fame of the person. Now, on this side of the incarnation, He has another name. The name is Jesus. I don’t know if you’re as amazed as I am by these outrageous things Jesus said.”

He furthered with reference to John 8:58 where Jesus said; “I tell you the truth, before Abraham was even born, I am!” He described that statement as “the most outrageous thing Jesus ever said” because “when you desire the name and you say, ‘Your name and Your fame are my desire,’ you mean Yahweh … who is Jesus.”

Over 65,000 youths were present at Passion 2020 held in Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta founded by Pastors Louie and Shalley Giglio since 1990.

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