Christian Event Website Crashed after Kanye West announces Sunday Service Choir appearance

The annual Christian event, tagged Awaken 2020 which is to focus on spiritual awakening of the people, featuring Christian performer like Korn founding member Brian Welch, Lou Engle, Guillermo Maldonado, Jeremy Riddle and more.

But went higher rate of sold out after Kanye West announced he’d be bringing his Sunday Service choir in for a performance, the sharp spike even crashed the website for a time.

The event is set to hold at 50,000 capacities Sun Devil Stadium in Arizona which is free. One event websites states: “This January 18th, 2020 at Sun Devil Stadium in Phoenix, Arizona, it’s time for you to be part of the Jesus awakening that is shifting HISTORY.

Open the door and enter into a new era, a new decade, of revival that is bringing a movement of signs and wonders, healing of the sick, and preaching of the gospel.”
The stadium full event was founded by Lou Engle 23 years ago, he told Western Journal; I just felt the Lord speak to me, ‘I will fill that stadium one day, and it will rock the nation.”

His vision was shared with some campus student of Arizona State University that same day; “It was there in Phoenix that night when I prophesied over Sun Devil, that I declared the hearts of the fathers are turning to the children … but [also] the hearts of the children are going to turn to their fathers.” In reference to Malachi 4:6
Engle believes, Kanye West participation will contribute to the huge success of the event “We believe Kanye is a sign to this nation that in a moment, thousands and thousands can be swept into the kingdom when [God] converts key people and their voices will be like thunder,” the evangelist (Engle) said.
After 2,000 souls were turned to God late last year at the Kanye West’s Sunday service, Christian Music minister calls it Game-Changer for Gospel Outreach.

Nicki Minaj was the first to announce his salvation story on a radio program “Sometimes in the music business, we think that other artists don’t believe in God or aren’t spiritual as we are,” she explained. “Then when you find people, because I was just with Kanye, and he told me he’s a born-again Christian now.”

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