If God is not Calling you for Stardom, Will you still Answer?

Kingsword Onyedikachi Amadi

If God would never make you famous
Would never take you abroad….

If His assignment that He is sending you for would never make you rich, would you still continue?

If God should call you, anoint you heavily and yet says that you will never appear on posters.

Never host a crusade.

Never stand behind the pulpit to preach or even sit on the ministers sit even once.

Never would you be on TV
Never would you speak on Radio

That you will just be climbing trees and entering bushes just to pray and intercede for one man that is not even your father.

Would you still find the call attractive?
Are you still going to answer?
Or would you abandon it?


If you will never preach in a city
If God says that you should only preach in your room to chairs and mirrors and after that, you should pray for one man that is not even from your village, who does not even really recognize you.

Would you still answer the call?

Friends, if glamour made you answer God’s call, you must surely put heaven to shame one day, if not now, later!

If it was fame that made you to answer the call, we don’t know what may become of this journey you’re on.

We are afraid and we are sorry Sir

Friends, leave stardom!
Leave fame!

We have seen men that chased that and we have seen their end.

We have seen the uselessness of vanity and the emptiness of the cares of this world that many of us are chasing, leaving God’s voice behind.

Friends, leave poster, it’s not everyone you see everywhere on poster that are
popular in the spirit….

There are men whose voice you know that no spirit knows.

Whose face you know that no spirit respects.

Most of the popular men are faceless and nameless people and that nature is backed up by God’s instruction not their insufficiency.

Their names are only popular among immortals because they obey God but may be alien in the ears of ordinary men.

So long as God is okay with them, they are glad! That’s all that matters to them!

We need to revisit our motives, if it’s God driving us or our love for fame and stardom.

If we do this, God will use some of us better because we will yield more!

Of a truth…
Nothing in the natural moves a man who has really died to self.

Never have I heard that a dead man was arguing with God in eternity.

Because every dead man is very obedient; There is a spirit at work in them that compels them to dance to the tone of that realm they have found themselves in.

Friends, I found something.. There is obedience in death and there is glory before it. Selah!

These men are not seeking for fame on earth again, they have given up on that already, they are seeking for lasting crowns of glory in eternity.

Father Nash, was anointed yet he never hosted a crusade!

He was called by God but never appeared on poster

He spent most of his days alone praying for one man.

That man he was praying for was not paying him.

That man was not his brother or even from his village!

That man he was praying for was everywhere but himself was just known in his room.

The secret of the Ministry of Charles Finney was built upon a nameless man who said God called him to just one ministry, to pray for Charles Finney.

He never stood behind the pulpit to Preach..

Heavily anointed yet he never hosted a crusade 😭

His name was FATHER NASH!

Will we have such genre and stature of men again in my time?

Sometimes he climbed trees to pray for days over the atmosphere in any location Charlse Finney was to come for a meeting.

Finney would just mount the podium and blind eyes are opening without a word, miracles everywhere because a man had burnt in prayer;

Yet no one knew him!

Men didn’t know him, yes!
But his name is all over the walls in the new Jerusalem… As one of the men of whom the world was not worthy to have. Heb 11:38

Lord, search my heart and see….
I want to say it and help me for it to be true in and out.

I don’t want to have fame and not have you! Kai… Hmmmm
How can I be a famous enemy of God?

I don’t want all men to celebrate me and spirits sigh when my name is called in the realms of glory.

Help me always that I may do only your will, even if it is not interesting.

Help me conquer this enemy, MYSELF.

For only when self is taken away, and death attained shall we see the Glory of the one that shields Himself.

Some of us only fainted, waiting for the day God will give us stardom and fame so that the fame can pour us water and we will jerk up immediately.

God knows this and that is why He is afraid of giving some treasures to you.

John saw a vision of how no one in Heaven was able to untie the seal. No one at all could! Until the Lamb who was slain appeared.

God was able to trust the Lamb with such ministry that no one had in eternity because He was Slain(died).

Could it be that the reason why some things are not working in your hands is because God is waiting for you to give up self?

For except a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it abideth alone.
But when it dies, it beareth much fruit!

That is the true protocol to increase in the kingdom.
Can you die?

Can you be sincere and ask Him to take over?
Take over my pride
Take over my selfishness
Jesus take over!

Let us pray!

Jesus loves you, click here to claim it

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