Kingsword Onyedikachi Amadi

…But how can you send your children to the Sunday school where they are drawing Jesus for them on the board?

That Sunday school where we drew Jesus on our book and they will be asking us to colour it. Smiles!

Some of us will draw what looks like cockroach and some will draw hippopotamus and call it Jesus.

At the end of the service, they will give us Carbin Biscuit and juice and we will go home.

The next Sunday we will continue from where we stopped. We sang and danced, having a form of godliness. We were feeling ‘Churchy’…. Hmmmm.. Smiles

The Devil was using that to deceive both us, our parents and our Church that we were learning about Christ.

He was waiting for the jungle to mature so that he would use us to showcase his agenda on the face of the earth.

So as some of us began to grow up, we were arrested by addictions, pornography, masturbation and all manner of satanic vices.

Some of us went on campus and became Capons, whereas at home they thought they taught us about God. Some of us became drug addicts

Some of us grew to be afraid of cloths, so we loved it naked. We could travel with pants and singlet and bra if need be. We were out to destroy the world and the agenda of God at all cost.

“We were not hearing word at all”

Some of us grew to be addicted to men and some to women and some men their fellow men and some of us were into their fellow women.

If that was a fine art class, I would appreciate. If our problem was in drawing, that would’ve been good.

While we were drawing Jesus….
The Devil was seriously recruiting his demons and waiting for the appointed time to show that we were actually void of God!

You see, Jesus can not be drawn in drawing…. And the Devil knows but he won’t let our teachers know because he is the god of this world. He understood that they were wasting their time, so he kept quiet!

A child of 5years, you’re drawing Jesus for?
Wait! His future will shock you!

I still know of some of us that knew all the recitations and memory verses then but as I am writing this have been fraternized by Babylon, I mean! They hate to hear ‘God’

Our Church had the opportunity to implicate our destinies when they still had us but the Devil deceived them.


Our Church had the opportunity to implicate us in God and immune us from what was to come but were blind to see the true pattern.

If at all I was filled with the holy ghost at 5 years old, there are so many things that wouldn’t have encountered me in the first place!

We would’ve struggled with little or nothing.

If they had known, that’s what they would’ve done and would’ve stopped giving us most of the fruitless advises they gave us in Church and at home.

Most of them are a waste because creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him(devil) who hath subjected the same in hope.. Romans 8:20

If they had known that even if we turn to be thieves, we didn’t choose to be, that something was at work… They would’ve allowed the power of God penetrate us early enough.

How can you advise a boy of 17years old out of pornography?


How can you advise a girl of 18 years old that has been captured by lust out of immorality???

That advise is a waste!

It will only take the spirit of God for them to see freedom again!

Please tell your Pastor that this is why he has been crying that none of his children look like him.

We have seen men of God that never gave birth to even one child of God.

I mean, all their Children are enemies of God.

How can a man of God give birth to the Children of the Devil?

His problem was that he was thinking they were too young to receive the holy spirit.

No one is too young to receive the Devil, some people were offered to him at birth.

So why should we be too young to receive the holy ghost?

Why should the holy ghost now come later in life?

Can we have a generation of mothers that are on fire that would tongue their children into tongues before they go to school and those girls that move about with satanic sweet contradicts their destiny?

God bless Pastor Jerry Uchechukwu Eze. I have seen this at work with him and our dear SOJ.

God bless the father of Benson Ken

God bless Rev Lizzy Jonhson Suleman for the Triumphant Sisters and many more

Wherever you are
If you don’t mind
Let us pray!


Jesus loves you, click here to claim it

One comment

  1. Your article is from a myopic angle. You are quite wrong. I want to believe this is your personal experience and view. If you were born in a Muslim family, surely you would have been trained in Islam. So also traditional religion and Christianity. Many people play Church and do not understand the simplicity of the gospel. Money has been placed above God in many of our so called worship. The bedrock of the society is the home. Parents have left their first assignment to run after money in workplace whether public or private. A parent that looted public funds for the comfort of his family, do you expect such children to do well… remember, whatever you sow is what you reap. Please how many hours do the children stay in Sunday school? Most parents are not even willing to volunteer to teach their children even in the Sunday school class talkless of sitting with them to do their homework at home. They push them to their mothers and teachers in schools.
    How many hours do you teach them the Bible or you expose them to television, predators and peer pressure. So that’s where they learn from.
    God can never be mocked as you lay your bed so you will lie on it. It is time to clean up the mess we have made of life and return back to God


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