DID YOU KNOW THAT: Goliath’s armour weighed 125 pounds?

  • Goliath’s armour weighed 125 pounds (1 Sam 17:5.
  • There were not 3 wise men. The Bible actually doesn’t say how many Magi visited Jesus. Tradition just assumes there were three men because three types of gifts were given . All three gifts were significant and fit for a King.

  • David is mentioned 1139 times in the bible,second only to Jesus.
  • Mary and Joseph had an arranged marriage.

According to Jewish custom, Mary and Joseph’s marriage would have been negotiated by their fathers . By the time the angel appears to Mary, she was already the legal wife of Joseph and her father would have already received a dowry as compensation for the loss of a working family member. Mary lived with her family during her betrothal, a one year period where she was considered married in every way except cohabitation and consummation .

  • There are 7 mary’s in the New testament

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