BOOK REVIEW: Unmasked – Adeosun Samuel

I just finished reading a wonderful Book! titled; Unmasked.

This Book is authored by the phenomenal Samuel Adeosun. A Book that teaches on understanding the spirituality and science of your uniqueness. Oh my! It was yet a great encounter while reading through. Sam unapologetically illustrated the greatest discovery any man can have in his possession for fulfilment, in life.

This is a Book that unravels the hidden. I enjoyed myself reading this great piece of an unusual message.
A part in the Book that caught my attention was; the uniqueness of your perfect identity should not merely be measured by the numbers and categories of intelligence, talents, life experiences, emotional and social quotients you possess, because you are so much more than just that. That alone changed my mindset on how I had earlier perceived “purpose” to be.

When I thought that was over, reading further, I saw the interference of scientific analogy in expressing salient points that eventually gave me goose bumps all over. I had earlier thought he was a “science” person, per say, not until I saw a part of the Book where he indicated “Mass Communication”, as his course of study. So amazing!

Sam is a thought leader and a man of intellect. He is a seasoned coach, mentor to many, in personal development, purpose discovery and talent maximization. Are you at the verge of giving up because you are confused about your purpose, on Earth?, Then, I recommend this Book for you.

Are you one whose past has caged your being, and you are of the believe that nothing good can come out from you?… Congratulations!. Your set time is here. I recommend this Book for you. Sam literally illustrated in his Book, how Jesus promised him a better future even despite all odds, and sooner, all the promises began to manifestin his life. Here in this Book, you will get the secret to living a fulfilled life irrespective of your past. I would like to use this medium to thank Samuel Adeosun, for using his Pen as a mighty weapon to bless lives. Dear “you”, You sure can’t wait to have a glimpse of this Book. You are next in line to testify.

Sandra Salawu
Founder, The Writing Company, Africa.

The book is available for sale contact us or the author at

Jesus loves you, click here to claim it

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