AS a child of God the responsibility of doing greater works that Jesus did is solely on us, it is spiritual that generations by generations should be a better version of the former one.

We are expected to do greater works than those before us so that we can leave a greater legacy for those coming after us.
Jesus baptizing more disciples than John the baptize is a fulfillment of scripture because John said He that cometh after me is preferred after me Jh 1:15. And this time around, it is not just baptism of water but of Holyghost.

So it is a greater task for a greater glory, because only a fool will keep doing the same thing in the same manner and expect a different result.

Because of this greater manifestation of Jesus, it becomes strange to the people because they have not seen that dimension before and this generated controversies that made Jesus to leave that particular space. You know that sometimes, you don’t have to argue or try to make some sort of people understand what you are doing. You only ask God for direction. So Jesus had to leave.
In this process he was prompted to pass through Samaria, there he met a woman at Jacobs well.

Don’t forget that I said generation of this dispensation are meant to do greater works compare to that of the past. Not just only that, generations are also meant to build a legacy for those come after them, in other words creating a platform for them to operate.

King David did that too, he couldn’t build a house of God but he was able to make provision of all the things needed to get the house built.

That is exactly what Jacob did. If not that Jacob dug that well, I wonder where Jesus could have met the woman, I wonder if he could have used well as a living water to preach to the woman.

Or don’t you know that it is the same well Isaac dug? Since the days of Abraham they couldn’t own a well because the philistines will come to claim it. Genesis 28: 18

However, he did not give up until the Philistines left him alone, because of this consistency and persistency there was a platform for Jesus to preach and not even that but also make evangelist out that woman.

May I ask you, are you works a better version of the past generation or worse because if it is worse, there is no way it is going to be a legacy for the coming ones.

Jesus loves you, click here to claim it

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