Brazil’s President declares his “believes in Jesus as his savior and that Brazil belongs to God.”

During a youth event held last week in Brazil at the Brasilia National Stadium, full of crowd with over 140, 000 people present.
The President, Jair Bolsonaro affirmed his faith in Jesus, declaring “believes in Jesus as his savior and that Brazil belongs to God.”

The event, named The send is coming together of major ministries to pray, celebrate and share one common belief of the world becoming Jesus Christ. This is tends to make believes walk in the path of Christ-like lifestyle.

One of the pastors with the name Daniel Laucena, tweeted “I keep receiving news about the last Saturday: 4,877 decisions, 7,890 youth enrolled and committed to bring revival to their schools, 6,457 enrolled to care for orphans, healings, people receiving the Holy Spirit while watching on YouTube.”

Daniel Kolenda, Christiane Caine, Francis Chan, Michael Koulianos with other 200 evangelical leaders spoke at the event.
Michael Koulianos wrote on Instagram, “Jesus loves Brasil! Yesterday, thousands gave their lives to Jesus, received healing, and made the choice to be SENT to the Nations. He is worthy of our YES!”

The president made it known that it was the miracle of God that kept him alive after surviving an assassination that almost cost his life, an attempt by a knife-wielding before the election.

He said “Doctors who attended to me said that for every 100 stabbings of the kind I endured, only one person survives. So, I am a survivor and owe my life to God. It was His will for me to live.”

This made him to focus on Brazil’s rampant corruption and violence after taking office in 2019 which became his major campaign promises after the attack.

On his assumption into the office he pledged to make Judeo-Christian principles a top priority in his administration.

Bolsonaro’s motto is: “Brazil above everything, God above all.” He believes it is a powerful statement about the importance of truth in politics.

Jesus loves you, click here to claim it

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