Is it right for Christian to celebrate VALentine ?

Valentine is generally known to be a day set aside for the celebration of love and this is done on every 14th of February of each year, which is practically observed by diverse people all across the world.

Now the question here is that as a Christian is it right for you to celebrate Valentine? this was the question a great friend of mine Jonathan Olaoye asked me and in my own way I gave my opinion which you too will also do via the comment box but before I share my opinion, here are other people’s opinion on the question:

To me sir, valentine is not bad especially for serious believers in a serious courtship, but it must be done with carefulness so that it doesn’t lead to sin…. Also that day can be used to invest more time into their relationship and get to know each other more. I even believe that married couples too can also use that day to hangout and enjoy one another’s company. Proverbs 5:18b Ashonibare Yemi

No, because first, the reason for celebration is to show your wife or husband that you love but this is done in a Christian home everyday so its not special. Secondly, it has added to the increase of unwanted pregnant in the world. Thirdly, the person that constitute valentine died because of love that does not add value to the world positively. e.g can we compare it to the love of Christ?, fouth, We are not celebrating soul’s won to Christ on that day but corruption… e.g children that does have a good up bring . – Ibiyo Adedayo

The intention and motive of Valentine is to showcase love among two partners who are either engaged or married. It is a season to celebrate love among two loved one, nevertheless the motive and purpose has been abuse in this 21st century. People have abused it and young people have seen it as means to do all immoral acts.
Back to question It’s definitely right for Christian to celebrate Val simply because it is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your love to your spouse. So if you’re engaged it is definitely right to celebrate val (which simply mean to show love, embrace each other) with your intending spouse. And if you’re married, you show love to your spouse, hug, and kiss and embrace her. This is meant for married people but unfortunately nowadays even unmarried people are doing what married people are meant to do. But for a unmarried Christian you can take your spouse out, buy gift, show love by appreciating and making her day worth worthy.
To back it up scripture, I will be using Ecclesiastic 9:9, Live joyfully with the wife of your youth till the days of life….. To live joyfully is to celebrate one another. And one of the days to live joyfully is Valentine s day. So it is right for Christian to celebrate Val. For unmarried, it should be done moderately, for married they can go to any length even by having sex, it is welcome, Ephesians 5:21-25 also support us love our spouse. So therefore Valentine is all about love and in the Christian way it is love by appreciation and gift sharing. Peter Oyedepo

Valentine is nothing special; I see it as a promoter of sin among youth. It is nothing but a strategic instrument of Satan. We can share our love in the house of God by sharing the word of God. Jesus is our lover let’s celebrate Him instead. – Omole Emmanuel

When I was also asked the same question if it is right for Christian to celebrate Val, here is my opinion;
Lets start with the essence of Val, which is a celebration of love, and the bible says God is love.
So if we are celebrating Valentine which means a celebration of love that means we are celebrating God!

Then why shouldn’t a Christian celebrate God? Except the love of God is not shed abroad in the heart of such person.
Now, we need to understand that if we are celebrating God, can we also say we are worshipping him? If yes, the bible says those who will worship God must worship him in Spirit and in truth. That is, our celebration must be in worship and in truth anything outside that, then we are not celebrating love, we just want to use that medium to do our desires.
For example, imagine a beer company wishing people a merry Christmas and encouraging them to come and get free drinks all through the season. Are they celebrating Christmas or want to make sale?

If yes Val is the celebration of love, then it should be about God first, anything outside that, probably it no more Val.

I’m sure you have your own perception about the question, do well to drop your opinion via the comment box below.

A special thanks to the great man of God, Jonathan Olaoye who initiated this opinion poll, thanks and God bless.

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  1. Honestly, this write is great because we are able to hear few people opinion. This is my own opinion, as a Christian it is not what people in the world celebrate that we as a Christian should celebrate also, we can use this time of Val to engage the youth in many seminar like Marriage seminar, single hangout, career talk and many more things instead of celebrating Val that makes our youth not Valuable. Thanks

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