International Missionary, Francis Chan Narrates How Two Deaf Were Healed In Myanmar

Former teaching pastor of Cornerstone Community Church in Simi Valley, California who leaves US to become an International Missionary by sharing the gospel in the rural areas shared part of his experience during the journey.

While giving a sermon at Moody Bible Institute conference in a video posted online by the Moody Bible Institute, he noted how he and his team witnessed miraculously healing of several people in a rural village located in Myanmar, including two deaf children where there were no believers.
“At one point, we were in this village that had no believers, like zero. Not a single one,” he recalled.

“And this lady had built a relationship with the head monk and the village leader and somehow was able to work out that we could go into the village.”

“My translator told me he had been in that area before and was chased out with knives and stones thrown at him, so he was terrified,” Chan continued.

“But the entire village showed up, and I had the honor of sharing the Gospel through a translator, to be the first one to lay out the Gospel and explain that they had a Creator and explain that He had a son and explain what He did on the cross and the resurrection.”

“There’s no way I can communicate to you how much peace I felt,” the pastor stressed. “I am sharing the Good News with a village of people who have never heard of this before. I can’t tell you how right it felt.”

Francis Chan said to the audience to the audience how he asked God to help him heal the villagers, “I’m going, ‘God, please, please hear,'” he recalled. “People started coming forward for healing.”

“Every person I touched was healed,” Chan said as the conference crowd applauded.
“You guys, OK, this is craziness to me,” he added. “I have never experienced this in 52 years. I’m talking like a little boy and a little girl who were deaf. We laid hands, she starts crying and smiling. These are not Christians who have even heard about Jesus, and she’s freaking out. We lay hands on her little brother, we lay hands on him, and he starts hearing for the first time.”

The noted that the event was another level of faith that is out of his comfort zone, “I thought I had faith, but my faith was at another level,” he noted. “And I think there are some things that contributed — some of it was just faith in His Word, that when Jesus says, ‘I am in you and you are in Me,’ to take that literally.”

According to CBNNEWS, Chan explained that although he disagreed theologically with some of his team members, he believes God was “honored by this fight for unity, and I believe God was honored by this pursuit of the unreached, and obeying the Great Commission and we saw power.”

“And I don’t know that that means it will happen every time,” he continued. “My theology says I don’t think it will happen everywhere … but best I understand Scripture, He wants me to believe in my unity with Him, this power that I have because He and I are one. He wants to believe that you and I can become perfectly one.”

Chan also announced that in a few weeks, he and his family will be relocating to Hong Kong. The reality of persecution, he said, has caused him to “evaluate” his beliefs. Continue story at CBNNEWS

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