Justin Bieber Releases His Faith Based Album, Change “Thank you Jesus that when I was lost you found me”

After five years, Justin Bieber release album with the title “Changes” , prior to this, he has choose to give thank to God over his life.
One of the promotional material for the album comes with an illustrations that says “Thank you Jesus.” His post of Instagram reads;

“Thank you Jesus for your forgiveness!” “Thank you Jesus that when I was lost you found me, thank you that you brought be from death to life! Thank you that once I was blind but now I see! Thank you for giving your life up on the cross so that I could have ETERNAL LIFE! TRUE LIFE on earth and life ABUNDANTLY!”

Bieber concluded: “Thank you for the promises you have for me! Thank you that I am protected from the hidden traps of my enemy!! I am honored to serve you all the days of my life!”

Most of the tracks on the album are reference to his faith, the title track “Changes” comes to a sudden end with the simple spoken word: “People change, circumstances change, but God always stays the same.”

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He also reveals how he could overcome drug addiction through his faith.
“I decided to stop [drugs] because I felt like I was dying, my security were coming into the room at night to check my pulse. People don’t know how serious it got; it was legit crazy scary,” he said in a recent episode of YouTube documentary series, “Seasons.”
“I was waking up in the morning and the first thing I was doing was popping pills and smoking a blunt and starting my day,” he added.

But the moment he turned to God for help. “I basically said to myself, ‘God, if you’re real, you get me through this season of stopping these pills and stuff and if you do, I’ll do the rest of the work,’” he said. “I’ve abused my body in the past and now I’m just in the recovery process trying to make sure I’m taking care of my body and taking care of the vessel that God’s given me… there’s so many people that have gifts, and an opportunity to make a change, and they end up either losing it or using their gifts for selfish reasons.”

Justin Bieber never ceases to praise God for his faithfulness, using Psalm 37: 4 as post on Instagram “Take joy in all of the wonder and beauty’s god has done in your life! God will give you the desires of YOUR HEART,” he wrote in a post last month, paraphrasing Psalm 37:4.

Another post also reads “Thank you for showing me compassion, giving me the grace to grow and loving me through everything!!” he wrote. “No matter what happens in life I know you are always good and your love for me never changes no matter what I do!! You loved me before I did anything to earn or deserve it and for that I say THANK YOU JESUS!”

Jesus loves you, click here to claim it

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