SALVATION – Ayobami Ogunwole

Salvation is a broad subject that needed to be carefully studied and practiced, but we shall discuss the salvation at the point of our conversion.

So many people misunderstood what salvation really means, some thought if there parents are Christians, they are saved(Christian), some thought if they can be going to church, they are saved(Christians), some thought If they can change their behaviors to be good, they are saved, if that is the case there shouldn’t be any thing for Cornelius to do to be saved because he was reported be a good and generous man.

What about the rich man that went to Jesus to ask about the remaining procedure to get into the kingdom of God, having done all things(his own perspective) and was told to distribute his Living to the poor and Follow CHRIST. That shows your generosity,good behaviour, religion etc. can never save you if you don’t have the key point.

How can then a man be saved? It can be refrained as how can a man enter into the kingdom of God or be born again? We will need scriptures to explain because that’s where our nature is found. John 3:3,5 emphasized that a man must be born again before he could take hold of the Kingdom of God(not physical in nature but spiritual), for you to enjoy the promise of God, You need to be born again, verse 5 says, to be born of the water and Spirit(they mean the same thing).

The water means “The Word” in Ezekiel 36:25, John 15:3 which eventually means the gospel. Now, 1John 5:1 revealed that “for everyone that believe in Jesus is born of God”, recall what John 1:1, the Word was God. Which means for everyone that believes in JESUS is born of the Word/God/Spirit.

Can we say this: If you believe in Jesus, you’ve believed in God.
Another question is: how can we believe this great testimony/good news(Jesus)?

Some people do says we should Repent. Yes, repentance is even the first step to believe. Repentance means you are changing your mind/heart from what you believed to be true before to another thing that is the real truth without making reference to the former truth, and now continue in the dealings of the real truth.

Repentance makes you to take a step in believing, you zeroed your mind on the things of the world and now decided to focus on Christ and what he did for you.

The cross before me now and the world behind me, we are opposite to each other.
Having done these. Romans 10:8-10, gave us the procedure: The heart to believe, believe what? To believe Christ and that God raised him from the dead. Mouth is to confess what you conceived/believed in your heart(Christ Jesus) and then you are saved. Can you see that nobody can’t do that for you.

If the word you hear and believe don’t have this keys/contents, you’re not yet saved. That’s how a man can be born again.

If you wish to be born again you can say this prayers below:
Lord Jesus, I thank you for the word of the faith and the grace that found me today. I believe you suffered and died for me, and I believe that you rose again. I invites you to stay permanently in my heart and actions. I made you my Lord and Savior. I’m glad that I’m yours and I have the eternal life as you promised. Thank you my Father. In Jesus Name,Amen. Congratulation!

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Text: John 1:12, John 3:3,5,16,17, Romans 10:9-10, 1John 5:1,2.

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Remain blessed.


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