Churches shut down as Coronavirus hits France

On Sunday, 1,126 cases of the corona virus disease was reported in France, making it the second hardest-hit country in Europe after Italy.

Sequel to the invasion of this deadly virus that has taken over businesses, the France officials has put in place adequate measures to ensure that the virus is curbed. To this effect, retired medics and medical students had being employed to help deal with the large numbers of infected victims.

The French Health Minister Olivier Veran said on Sunday that their priority is to do everything to slow the circulation of the virus across the country which is why stringent measures are deployed to limit the further spread of the virus.

He added that gatherings of more than 1,000 people are now banned which according to him was the only way to protect those vulnerable and to mitigate the epidemic on a national scale.

In France there are only a handful of Protestant churches which can boast more than 1,000 members. Information gotten from the CBN News after their visit to one of them was that the said church doesn’t look like one because non- Catholic Churches has not been granted permits to build their own sanctuaries in over 100 years. Therefore, the congregation of the Paris Christian Center meets in a renovated parking garage which did not stop their expansion to several thousand members.

The Senior pastor of the Paris Christian Center Pastor Dorothea Rajiah said that large gatherings would be banned. In his statement, he said many churches have decided to close their service but they have decided to stay open and preach the word and preach faith.

However, the coronavirus is changing some long-held traditions in the church., “We told the people they should not shake hands or even kiss, at least for some time. And we tell them they can wave at people with the hand and say I love you from their heart.”She said.

Adding that God blessed their decision to keep the doors open on Sunday by winning 15 souls to the kingdom which brought so much excitement.

Despite the law of banning gatherings of 1,000 people or more by the government, Pastor Dorothee said that they won’t stop worshipping and if the government should ask them to shut down their service, they were ready to stream from our website and from YouTube.

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